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In particular, it can be used as:

  • undercoat or reinforcing and levelling layer (reinforced with fibreglass mesh) with a thickness of 4 to 15 mm, under thin-coat decorative mineral, silicate, silicate-silicone, silicone and mosaic plasters, under cement, gypsum and polymer plasters, as well as under ceramic, clinker, stone and stoneware tiles (including large-format tiles),
  • patching layer from 4 to 6 mm thick, reinforced with fibreglass mesh in insulation systems with increased impact resistance, that use polystyrene or mineral wool,
  • fine-grained thin-coat trowelled or felted finishing plaster,
  • system plaster for single-layer walls made of cellular concrete,
  • adhesive mortar for bonding polystyrene, mineral wool or other types of thermal and acoustic insulation boards to mineral substrates.
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Galvanised Plastering Beads – Box of 50

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Thin-coat angle galvanized beads. Box of 50.

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10mm Bellcast Beads – Box of 50


External Bellcast bead 10mm x 3m – Box of 50

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